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Wood chippers - Wood chipper TV12-20

The smallest performer in the range. This junior wood chipper chips twigs, branches and sterns of any type of wood with a maximum diameter of 120 mm (5”). The safety bar completely surrounds the infeed funnel, providing maximum security.
The tractor driven version can use the tractor oil, but it also comes with an own hydraulic pump group.
The top hood and the ejector chute have a noise-reducing coating.
Chip size regulation from 1 to 25 mm.

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TV12-20 P
TV12-20 (1)
TV12-20 (4)
TV12-20 (3)


  •  The smallest performer in the range

  •  Chipping up to Ø 12 cm

  •  Comes in a tractor driven version and a diesel engine driven version

  •  Diesel engine = Lombardini 21 kW/28,5 hp

  •  Minimum required tractor power : 20 hp

  •  Brochure TV12-20